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Nov 11, 2023

This is a completely honest review, as I know Rob would have me write it. I have been Rob's test market, so to speak, in the time leading up to the creation of his business. We're friends and have been coworkers.
Have gone out with Rob several times, including yesterday, which was another great day! With him you get a trip filled with natural beauty and some real retreat time (saw some campers on the way, but were completely alone once we got closer to the mountains). One look at the Chorros and Saguaros, and you know it was a good decision to go. If you need a day with some gorgeous sights while getting away from everything, Rob will take you there. He"s got different tours depending on the time of day, so the light is really good for pictures.
There's a quick photography lesson if you want one and some fun rambling in his jeep. Rob's going to ramble too, on where you are and what makes up some of it's past. It's unexpected stuff, and it's also cool.
Thanks to Rob I've been to Tabletop, the border where I've seen the wall and been right next to the border where there is no wall (the stunning part of which for me is the landscape's beauty that surrounds the old border monuments there.).
Have stood directly over the missile silos that once held nuclear warheads and missiles, which we knew put Tucson number six on the Soviet Union's hit list. And there's more. Petroglyphs, ranch ruins, blimps, hawks...
And you'll come home with some great pictures, a little history, and an experience you probably weren't quite expecting, but a really good one all the same.

Blair B. 


Today was awesome! I was lucky to win this awesome jeep tour and let me tell you the experience was out of this world! I had no idea what our beautiful desert had to offer till today. Awesome forest cactus  wild  horse the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. Table Top mountain is huge!!!! And gorgeous!I highly recommend Rob's Red Jeep Rambles  his knowledge about our beautiful desert and everything it has to offer he is your guy!. Thank you Rob for the best experience!  
Can't wait to book again soon.

Adanary M 

Casa Grande


So much fun and educational!
Rob has a vast array of knowledge of the area. He shares a lot of information about the Sonoran desert, it's people, land, history, animals and so much more. The roads are definitely less travelled, but his expert off-road driving skills and reliable Jeep make the trip safe and enjoyable. If you're looking for a great way to spend a morning or afternoon, check out Rob's Red Jeep Rambles! You won't be disappointed. He showed us various plants, stone art, abandoned ranches (with their histories), animal water catches and so much more!
Thanks for the great adventure, Rob!

Paul M 


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